I’ve dreaded writing this post for a long time… but I guess it has to happen.

Super Hero Time! formed last year after a PM exchange at HJU between Lynxara and myself. I’d been toying with a Timeranger 1 script (I was scrubbing before it was cool) and was thinking about maybe forming an actual group instead of trying to do it all on my own (with no doubt hilarious results). People have always said I’m lucky, but it’s never been truer than my near blindly messaging Lynxara. I struck gold, really. I’d seen a few of her posts around and thought, “Wow! This person isn’t retarded!” which, if you’ve ever lurked at HJU, you know is a rarity. Immediately we hit it off, settled on a name, got to working on a style sheet, set up the IRC channel… It all happened so quickly. She really sprang in to action on Timeranger and everything else I pawned off on her… I’m so grateful to have had her on board every step of the way.

Soon after, Ignis from Over-Time noticed our Twitter statuses about our Timeranger progress and e-mailed me to ask about the possibility of doing a joint. It seems they’d also been working on Time behind the scenes. Gokaiger had begun a month or so earlier, and in the race to be the first to release the premiere episode, I was fiddling around with my own script. There’d been talk about Over-Time picking it up, but who could say for sure? I adored the show, and it would’ve been a real shame to see it handled like other Sentai from the past few years. When Over-Time released theirs… we had the exact same vision in mind for these characters. I think a few of Luka’s lines were actually perfect matches. We saw the show in precisely the same way. Why would I bother trying to compete? Our goal product was the same. God knows I couldn’t possibly match their speed… So needless to say, I was a big fan. The joint was a no brainer. How could I say no?

Over the next few weeks, Ignis walked me through typesetting, timing… it was a crash course in fansubbing. I have so many great memories from that time… the endless hours poured in to that first episode, seeing filenames like time01v9.ass, the excitement when Ignis found one of the actual fonts used in the show, arguments over how to interpret a character, the neverending debate over names… This is perfect, I thought. I was so proud of the work we were doing. Maybe that makes me a huge nerd, maybe I take this shit way too seriously… but it was a really, really good time, and I’ll always look back on it with a smile.

Over the next year, I made some more incredible friends (and a few enemies), picked up and dropped a few projects, probably let a few people down… The fun started to slip away. That feeling of excitement and pride slowly turned into resentment… You can’t change people, y’know? Especially over the internet. It was very difficult for me to grasp that, and it was probably the downfall of SHT.

Months ago, when I was probably at my most resentful, I whipped up a script for the first episode of another show. An anime, I’ll say. I posted some screenshots on /m/, and the response was pretty great. But I wasn’t about to pick up another show with an already massive backlog. Maybe someday, I thought. At this point I’d already pretty much checked out of the toku fandom. Go-anon finished Go-onger, GUIS finished Liveman, GSF! was being fucking GSF! The fandom had transformed seemingly overnight. I wasn’t needed anymore. I was holding projects back, and that hurt most of all.

I talked to Lynxara, Ignis, and a few others about my intentions to close SHT up and maybe take a break for a while. That idea crept along until some news broke about a revival of the franchise the anime I’d worked a bit on was attached to, and it got me to pick the script back up. It felt really good, in a way subbing toku just couldn’t evoke in me anymore. So I talked to a few of my new friends, got a team together, and decided to go full steam ahead with it.

SHT’s time was already up. It was a great ride, I met so many fantastic people, and I’m so thankful for the viewers and all the people who left positive feedback (translatorfag whatwhat), but the name… just drains me now. It’s over. Like Lynxara said, Timeranger will continue on under the Over-Time umbrella, Changeman will be moved over to H-S, and BFJ is, uh… up for grabs, if anyone wants it. Be our guest! #SHT on Rizon will be converted into a toku fansubbing hub (which it sort of already is), in case anyone was wondering.

But I’m not gonna end this on a sour note! Bigger and better things, right?

I’ll be starting over at [robo] (and taking Youkai Watch with me if it ever actually happens), and our first project will be… Medarot! Yup, I was the cruel anon posting screenshots months ago. The first episode is just going through QC now and should pop up in the next few days. I’d also really like to take this time to mention that we don’t have DVDs for the show (which is another reason why I was apprehensive to pick it up) so we’re kinda stuck with the upscaled Sakura-raws releases in the mean time. If anyone has ISOs they could share with us, that’d be an incredible help. Please, please ask around if you know anyone. You can reach me by e-mail or by messaging myself or MegaAnon at either #SHT or #robo on Rizon. We’ll be releasing the episodes as v0s to really drive home that the releases are just veritable betas until the raws situation is sorted out. We’ve also got a few friends looking to come on board and pick up a similarly nostalgic project that’s sure to please some hungry fans.

Thanks to Lynxara, Ignis, Heat, KingRanger, Azrael, Kira, Mag, Fort, Gust, Peach, Megan, Wog, Dark_Crono, Draz, Hakaku, Shir, jdp, Shuuyu… Thanks to all the loyal viewers, the Tumblr rebloggers and the Twitter followers… A special shoutout to Orends: Range for happily following our releases to the bitter end. (Did I forget anyone?) Thanks to all of you for making this past year so special to me.

There’s great things in store, and you’ve all got a lot to look forward to.

See you again



(discussing TokuRawRevolution going down)

Misha: Actually, I'm really lucky there's a mirror of those BFJ encodes floating around, because I didn't have anything past episode 2.

Misha: So the project would've been as good as stalled.

KingRanger: well

KingRanger: like I told you

KingRanger: I have toei channel ones

KingRanger: if you need

Misha: Yeah, I'd have SOMETHING, but I wanted to use DVD rips so that I wouldn't have to do a lot of re-timing when the Blu-rays inevitably come out.

Misha: And because the old Toei channel masters were ass on a stick.

Misha: Though I really appreciate the offer.

KingRanger: you think they will release blurays of that?

Misha: They will eventually, same as they did with the DVDs.

Misha: If it takes 20 years, they'll do it.

Misha: Once authoring costs are down, there's no reason not to double dip. Or triple dip in some cases.

Misha: The Sentai mastered on film were only done on 16mm though, so a 1080p telecine is about the maximum resolution you can get out of that source.

Misha: A 2k telecine wouldn't reveal any extra detail.

Misha: Picture it. 1080p Miss America bulge.

KingRanger: hah

KingRanger: they should do that in 3d

Misha: Actually just choked I laughed so hard.

KingRanger: ":P